I can´t complain when i´m near you..

(läs texten medan du lyssnar) !
It tingels in my stomach.your standing behind me, you have your arms around me and whispers in my ear....Baby, you are the only thing that light up my world.
Maby love is that warm feeling inside off your body, when he/she tuch you... you get worm inside, and you just wanna melt..melt like chocolat. That´s a special feeling and you know that.. maby you don´t think your in love but deeply inside you are. after days. you feel the hot feeling when she or he is comming over and speek to you.
Think of it.
one day..
that girl or boy.. is going to stand right in front of you.
don´t walk away.. take the chanse.
Look at you, think to yourself "i´m beautiful"
courage to take the first step.
Nobody is like you. Remember that!
you can love what ever, who ever you want! Nothing can stop your feelings.


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